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How to Listen to God Using Lectio Divina

Brother Jonathan, outside Mucknell Abbey

Is it a while since you picked up a Bible? Brother Jonathan from Mucknell Abbey shares how Lectio Divina can release a fresh sense of life and joy in your Bible reading and prayer times.

25 Tips for a Calmer Christmas

25 tips for a calmer Christmas

Do you get overwhelmed by busy-ness in the run-up to Christmas, and find yourself wanting instead a greater sense of fulfilment? Here are some useful and creative ideas to help you have a calmer, more meaningful, and less stressful Christmas.

Seven Ways to Learn to Pray Without Ceasing

Woman Watching Train

Feel guilty about not praying enough? Or wonder what it means to pray without ceasing? Here are some practical suggestions you can explore from Michelle Eyre, Discovering Prayer's Founder and Director.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle Eyre

Michelle writes about her experience of what it was like to try out being a nun, and what the sisters taught that is beneficial to us all. Michelle Eyre, Founder and Director of Discovering Prayer.

Rookies' Guide to Retreats

Woman gazing onto a lake

Ever wanted to go on a retreat, but not known where to start? An insider's guide on where to go and what to do when you get there. By Michelle Eyre and Clare Bryden.