Welcome to the Weekend Retreat

5.30 pm Friday 2 March


3.30 pm Sunday 4 March


St Mary's Convent, Wantage


A weekend retreat for those who want to step out of their normal routine, to rest, pray and settle into beautiful surroundings.

led by Michelle Eyre, chief prayer officer, Discovering Prayer

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'Lovely! This is just what I needed. A place to rest, think, pray, run and be silent. The quality of the silence and prayerful acceptance has been so refreshing - and the sisters are wonderful!'

-Revd Katie Windle


Why go on a retreat?

Turbo-charge your prayer times by praying with a community of believers

Unplug from the normal demands of your life to make space to be with God

Connect with nature in beautiful surroundings

Cherish yourself; allow others to look after you for a weekend, with good food and kindness


'The retreat was very well led.  I found that the lack of pressure to do or be anything or anyone was very helpful.  I am encouraged to seek more of this style of prayer'

-David Hitchcox


What's included?

An optional programme of prayer and relaxation from Friday at 5.30 pm until Sunday at 3.30 pm

Full programme details

Full board (all meals) St Mary's Convent

Access to the three chapels, art room, libraries, beautiful grounds, and wonderful walks

Access to the art room and facilities.

An audio track sent to you before you go, with helpful information about how to prepare for a retreat and what to expect

A short talk at the beginning of the day with suggestions for how to use the time

Written resources to use throughout the day

Guided meditations on the Gospel of John

The option to join in with the sisters in their chapel when they have their short church services

The option to stay longer and attend the service of Vespers on Sunday, which finishes at 6 pm.


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'A gentle introduction to the retreat experience.'

- Sandie Capel


Who is it for?

Friends and members of Discovering Prayer; especially if you would like to rest a while.

Those who'd like to find out what it's like going to a convent for a retreat, and would prefer to do so in the company of friends.

Those who are trying out a retreat for the first time.

Those who want to go on a retreat but don't have the time for an overnight stay.

You do not need to be a Christian to attend - you are welcome just how you are.

There are beautiful surroundings, wonderful walks, deep baths, and plenty of silence for everyone to enjoy.

You can soak in the silence and take part in as many or as few of the activities as you like.


    'I found it a very welcome chance to focus on God's love and listen and pray.

    Thank you'

    - Coral Lancaster

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    How it works

    1. Book your place with a non refundable deposit of £50 (if you would prefer to pay by cheque please email us, we will reserve a place once payment has been received).
    2. You'll receive a confirmation email about the event.
    3. A month before you'll asked to make the full payment
    4. Two weeks before the event you will receive an email with a link to an online audio about how to prepare for a retreat. It'll also contain information on how to get there and what you might like to bring with you.
    5. On the day we'll look forward to meeting you!


    Some notes

    1. Payment is non-refundable, although you may swap your place with someone else if you are not able to come. If this happens, please let me know, so that we can send information about the event to those who are attending.
    2. We charge in order to be sustainable and rely on the generosity of friends who take part to maintain our income. If you are unable to pay, please contact us, we have a small bursary fund.

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    About Michelle Eyre

    • Michelle Eyre - Chief Prayer Officer

      Michelle Eyre is the Chief Prayer Officer of Discovering Prayer. She’s had an unusual career – a dancer, a nun, an occupational therapist, and a manager. Michelle is an oblate of the Anglican Community of St Mary the Virgin, Wantage and has spent over 20 years learning to incorporate some of what she learned when she tried out being a nun into her daily life. She wants to share the treasure that she learned in community in a way that is accessible to everyone who would like to explore prayer.