Discovering Prayer Membership Plus

Here's what you'll get:

Our complete audio library of 250+ audio prayer times and interviews, including:

  • 60 audio prayer times in the Absorbing God's Word series
  • 26 Praying with Imagination audio prayer times   
  • 20 audio prayer times about Listening to God 
  • 20 audio prayer times and interviews in the foundation series Still Small Voice 
  • 10 audio prayer times in the series Christ-Centred Mindfulness

More tracks from this growing resource

  • 34 audio prayer times and interviews from the 14-Day Prayer Challenge for Peace
  • 14 audio prayer times in the NEW Rhythm of Grace series
  • 24 audio prayer times for Advent – Christmas
  • 25 Prayers Through the Day audio prayer times 
  • 10 My Prayer Themes audio prayer times 
  • 22 audio prayer times for Thy Kingdom Come 
  • The foundational Discovering Prayer Course