Membership of Discovering Prayer will give you: 

  • Rest in the busyness of the day as you stop and spend a while with Jesus, even for as little as 10 minutes a day
  • Gentle guidance so that you know that you are praying with another person, in fact with a community of other people who are praying with Discovering Prayer
  • Support in settling into a regular rhythm of prayer
  • Structured prayer times; the audio tracks do the hard work of choosing which Bible verses to use each day in prayer. They are there for you even when you are having one of those days when it's difficult to get going with prayer... We all have them!

What's included?

Our complete audio library of 96 audio prayer-times: 

  • 30 audio tracks in the series Absorbing God's Word 
  • 20 audio tracks in the series Praying with Imagination 
  • 10 audio tracks about Listening to God 
  • 15 audio tracks of Prayers Through the Day
  • 10 audio tracks of My Prayer Themes
  • 11 audio tracks Thy Kingdom Come for Busy People
  • The Christmas Secret - Finding True Contentment 30-day advent course

and...The Discovering Prayer Course

  • The Discovering Prayer Course a two-week introduction into 10 different ways of praying.