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Absorbing God’s Word Mini-Series [five guided prayer times]

Whether you're new to prayer or very familiar with it, these short audio sessions will help you focus on God by listening to scripture. Each session lasts only ten minutes, so it can easily fit into your daily routine.

Absorbing God's Word Track 1

Lectio Divina, with space to pray

Experience the Gospel of John at a slow pace, so you can listen to God more deeply.

Absorbing God's Word Track 2

'The light shines in the darkness'

Each prayer time is just ten minutes, so it can fit easily into your day.

Absorbing God's Word Track 3

Gently focus on the Word of God and notice how this transforms your day

Taking just ten minutes to pray during the day can help you be more focused on God.

Absorbing God's Word Track 4

Pray online alongside a community of people who pray

'To all who received him he gave power to become children of God.' 

Many people report that praying online together helps them keep going with a rhythm of daily prayer.

Absorbing God's Word Track 5

'Grace upon grace'

We've had the privilege of praying with over 70,000 people online and helping many to draw closer to God.

We hope you will be richly blessed as you take part in this series.


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