Here’s a taster of what’s on offer from our Course sessions


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Introduction – Exploring Different Types of Prayer [video]

Learn about a range of ways that you can explore prayer, starting where you are. We’ll give you top tips on getting going with prayer or further developing your prayer life, and teach you about five ancient Christian pathways to prayer.

Absorbing God's Word

Session 1 – Absorbing God’s Word [audio]

This audio session will help you to focus on God by listening to scripture, for both those who are new to prayer, and those who are very familiar with it. The session lasts only ten minutes, so you can easily fit it into your daily routine.

Praying with Imagination

Session 2 – Praying with Imagination [audio]

Explore the life and words of Jesus in more depth with this 20-minute audio session, a guided prayer time based on the words “I am the bread of life” in John's Gospel. You’ll imagine yourself in the scene, aided by both the words of the Bible and sound effects.

Listening to God

Session 3 – Listening to God [audio]

Have you ever wanted to listen more closely to God, but not known where to start? This ten-minute guided prayer time helps you focus on listening to God. The session aims to help you be more focused on God throughout the day, not just in the prayer time

Through the Day

Session 4 – Through the Day [audio]

This session is a five-minute mini prayer time to use in the morning. Just five minutes to get you on the right foot as you start your day. It is a service of morning prayer, based on the 'daily office', the work of nuns and monks. You’ll join your prayers to those of a world-wide praying community.

Prayer Themes

Session 5 – Prayer Themes [audio]

Discovering Prayer provides a number of prayer resources grouped around themes. This short session is for the times when we need to rest. It is based on the story in John's Gospel of the meeting of Jesus with the woman of Samaria and his offer to her of “life giving water”. We pray that all who use Discovering Prayer will experience the grace of Jesus.