"I use Discovering Prayer in the park, when the children are playing - the voice is fantastic and helps me relax."

Jo Hobden, Teacher and School Governor, UK

"I am excited to hear about Discovering Prayer. In my experience, it is quite rare to meet someone who is both a real entrepreneur and deeply embedded in a pattern of prayer and meditation. I think this could be a significant development helping to connect many thousands to discover ancient forms of Christian meditation."

Rt Rev Bishop Colin, OBE, Bishop of Dorchester, UK

"Discovering Prayer brought focus, freshness and life to my prayers. It was both peaceful and enlivening, rooted in Scripture and open to the Spirit. I hope many others embark on a Discovering Prayer journey."

Rachel Lane, Life Coach, Oxford, UK

"Absorbing God's Word is excellent. It's guidance, reading, and prayerful meditation through scriptures."

Greg Troxell, Harmony Bible Radio, Florida, USA

"Thank you for creating Discovering Prayer, it has been incredibly helpful - I'm discovering new ways of praying that are enriching and refreshing my prayer life. I am certain there are so many people who would benefit from all of this."

Rev Elizabeth Robertson, Rochester, UK

"A great new and expanding resource, you can use it even if you're at at work: Absorbing God's Word prayer and meditation by Michelle Eyre."

Andrew Avramenko, UK

Praypal evening prayer - "Beautifully done, thank you. In peace I will now lie down in sleep."

Mark J. Lewis, Ordinand, UK